Paternity Test for 3

Paternity Test for piece of mind for 3

Nowadays DNA testing is the most advanced and accurate technology to determine parentage.
Test DNA for 3 is a genetic tests allowing to prove the father-child relationship. In our laboratory probability of paternity is greater than 99.99% or can preclude it in 100%, indicated that he is NOT biological father of the child. To determine paternity, the alleged father, the child and the mother (or second alleged father or second child) participate in the procedure. All paternity tests are performed on 16 - 23 DNA markers to ensure the accuracy of our DNA test results.


175 €

Our Genetic Center provides:

Standard testing results in 3 - 5 working days (free of charge)
An easy-to-use collection kit
Testing in accredited DNA laboratory (GEDNAP, ISFG, QCMD)
Easily accessible, well-trained patient care staff
Double testing of the sample

Non-standard DNA specimens

Genetic Center Rex Company proposes also DNA Tests for determination of fatherhood conducted from non-standard specimen. If for any reason it is impossible to collect biological material in a standard way (swab from the cheek), it is possible to isolate DNA from such materials as:

 - traces of blood
 - hair min.5 (must have roots attached) 
 - toothbrush (multiple use)
 - used tissue
 - used condom or traces of semen
 - fingernails
 - cigarette butts
 - chewing gums

In the case of non-standard specimens, 45  per one single sample should be added to the test price.

It is possible to conduct the test in the EXPRESS MODE (carried out up to 48 hours from the moment of receiving the material), in which case the price will increase by 100 % of the test value.

Testing of an additional person – 100 

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