Paternity Test for Court

Test Expert for court purposes

Testing of fatherhood for court purposes always covers three persons. Sampling of the material takes places in the presence of a judicial expert who will certify that the samples to be tested really come from appropriate persons. The expert’s opinion prepared by the judicial expert is respected by every court. Swab from mucous membrane of the cheek is collected for tests.

The fatherhood testing consists in comparison of genetic code of the mother, alleged father and child in order to determine whether the given person is really the biological father of the child. In this case, including of the mother in the tests enhanced precision of the result.



Our Genetic Center provides:

  • Opinion of judicial expert
  • Standard testing results in 3 - 5 working days (free of charge)
  • Testing of 3 persons (alleged father, child and mother)
  • Genetic profile (specification of 15 markers + gender marker)
  • Double testing of the sample
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