As a laboratory working in the market of medical services, the priority for us is high quality of offered tests. Our main goal is reliability of results and satisfaction of Clients cooperating with us.
Reliability of our laboratory is confirmed by obtained certificates:

Quality control system

Ogólnopolskie Centrum Genetyki Rex Company S.A. functions according to guidelines of UE standards regulating operating principles of diagnostic laboratory. We continuously improve our Quality Management System according to PN-EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. All employees of our Laboratory fulfil the established Quality Policy by continuous improvement of qualifications, competence and quality of rendered services.

For the last five years, the Laboratory has been taking part in an international quality control program for diagnostic tests conducted using molecular biology methods (Quality Control for Molecular Diagnostics, West of Scotland Science Park, Glasgow, Scotland).

We are doing all our best to ensure that all diagnostic tests used by us have additional internal controls verifying accuracy of performed determinations. We carry out continuous internal supervision over the quality of completed tests. We hope that this allows us to fully detect all deviations and guarantee that the result presented to the Client is error-free.

Highly qualified personnel

The Laboratory employs laboratory diagnosticians and people with microbiological and biotechnological background, having experience in the job acquired also during foreign practices.

Thanks to qualifications and involvement of our personnel, it is possible to achieve the most essential aspect of the company’s activities which is the care for high quality and reliability of laboratory test results.

While performing the tests, the personnel closely cooperates with physicians ordering them by offering help in interpretation of test results or consultation concerning genetic diagnostics.

Modern equipment and certified reagents

Organisation of our Laboratory, technical and measuring equipment, as well as modern laboratory units meet all requirements of the European Union standards regarding diagnostic laboratories.

Reagents used by us for diagnostics are manufactured by leading producers of reagents for in vitro diagnostics in the world market and they fulfil all requirements imposed on them.

laboratorium genetyczne diagnostyczne DNA
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