Determination of fatherhood

Genetic tests offered by our laboratory are the most reliable and accurate methods both with respect to confirmation as well as preclusion of biological fatherhood (or other family relation). The tests are carried out by means of multiplex PCR method using DNA analyser and they give 100% certainty of fatherhood denial and more than 99.9999% of fatherhood confirmation.

The test consists of several stages:

  • isolation of DNA,
  • amplification of STR markers (short tandem repeat),
  • cleaning the sample,
  • capillary electrophoresis using sequenator,
  • comparing genetic profiles in examined persons and computer statistical analysis.

The profile comparison and statistical analysis are carried out twice by independent persons. The test materials can be a swab from mucous membrane of cheek, blood or microtrace. Taking of the sample for testing is very easy and completely safe. For your convenience, we have prepared sets allowing you to sample the material on your own at home.

The tests of fatherhood and biological relationship are designed, among others, for:

  • couples who want to confirm fatherhood for their certainty,
  • couples who want to confirm whether their children are mono- or dizygotic twins,
  • woman who must present the evidence of fatherhood in order to get alimony, 
  • men who must present the evidence of fatherhood in order to get the right to take care of the child,
  • persons who must prove their origin to receive heritage or compensation,
  • persons who want to establish the degree of relationship between siblings (step sister, step brother),
  • persons who want to compare results of tests with those made in other laboratories.
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