Ogólnopolskie Centrum Genetyki Rex Company was established in 2004. The decision to create a laboratory was a consequence of the growth of your awareness and expectations concerning proper diagnostics.

The idea of the laboratory is to achieve a position of the most trusted partner in the market of diagnostic services.

Thanks to universal knowledge and involvement in development, we want to make sure that  the modern diagnostics becomes available to each of you.

The goal of Ogólnopolskie Centrum  Genetyki Rex Company is also to support their Partners in the process of improving quality of medical care, thanks to which in a professional way the company takes care of the patient's health, improves and builds new physician – laboratory, physician – patient relations.

Thanks to an uncompromising attitude and consistency in actions aiming at creating a market of diagnostic services on a scale of the 21st century, Ogólnopolskie Centrum Genetyki Rex Company gives the hope that laboratory diagnostics will become a crown of effective treatment.

laboratorium genetyczne diagnostyczne DNA
Ogólnopolskie Centrum Genetyczne Rex Company S.A.
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e-mail: biuroobslugi@rex.pl
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