Genealogical tests of the Father line

Y Chromosome DNA Tests


225  (per person)

What is DNA profiling?

Connection of genealogy with genetics gave way to the beginning of a new research field and also created new much more powerful capabilities of determining fatherhood and kinship between people. The tests used in the Laboratory Rex Company S.A. allow accurate verification of family relations by establishing bonds in straight mother or father line.

In genetic genealogy, the analysis of chromosome Y  is used because in these structures changes proceed very slowly, therefore it is possible to establish roots even several thousand years ago.
If the tested persons are male, then using chromosome Y it is possible to additionally examine any features coming from the father which allow accurate determination of the degree of relationship. The son always has the same profile of chromosome Y as his father/grandfather (not taking into consideration mutation). The profile of chromosome Y is identical also in the case of two brothers coming from one father. 
This analysis provides a convenient tool thanks to which it is possible to give a final and decisive answer to the question whether two persons belong to the same father line.


Standard testing results in 3 - 7 working days (free of charge)

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