For patients

Ogólnopolskie Centrum Genetyki Rex Company S.A. is a laboratory specializing in execution of professional medical services in the field of laboratory diagnostics.

The Laboratory offers you:

  • the best offer
  • the highest quality
  • the lowest price
  • many year long experience
  • comprehensive customer service
  • professionally conducted tests

We invite you to familiarize yourselves with the list of offered tests.
We especially recommend so called Test Packages which allow carrying out of a review of our organism in a comprehensive way.

Taking care of the patients’ comfort and the highest quality of results, we have developed the procedures of collecting and transporting samples for testing. Some are painless and do not require meeting of any special conditions of storing and transportation (sampling using the „SWAB” kit).

In the case of other materials, especially for diagnostics of infection diseases, we ask you to carefully follow the sampling and transporting procedures.

laboratorium genetyczne diagnostyczne DNA
Ogólnopolskie Centrum Genetyczne Rex Company S.A.
ul. Robotnicza 32, 53-608 Wrocław
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