Diagnostics of genitourinary system infections

One of the most serious diagnostic and clinical problems in obstetrics and gynaecology include genitourinary system infections. This is connected with the frequency of their occurrence and considerable effect on the human reproduction pathology. The infections occur mainly during sexual contacts with an infected person and the most common symptoms are itch, burning during urination, discharges, ulcerations and skin changes within the area of external sexual organs. The genitourinary system infections very often proceed also without any symptoms, therefore gynaecologists rarely order routine tests thanks to which an existing infection can be diagnosed. Untreated infections may lead to serious diseases of reproductive system, including infertility. Particularly dangerous are infections during pregnancy because of higher risk of miscarriage as well as the possibility of transmitting the disease from the mother to the child. The psychic problems are also important – low self-esteem, poor psychic condition and limitation of sexual activity, hence it is essential to diagnose these infections on time and treat them properly.

A very important group of infectious genitourinary diseases include viral infections, particularly those caused by human papillomavirus – HPV. They are connected with increased level of the risk of getting ill to cervical cancer. It is estimated that approx. 80% women will get infected with HPV infection in their lives, and approx. 50% of these infections will be caused by oncoviruses. In most cases, the immune system will fight the virus and the infection will be transient in its nature. However, in some women the immunological response may not be sufficient which leads to development of persistent HPV infection and as a consequence development of cervical cancer.

In Ogólnopolskie Centrum Genetyki Rex Company, it is possible to conduct tests to detect the most common pathogens causing genitourinary infections, constituting the biggest risk to pregnant women and their offspring, both before and after the birth. Thanks to molecular biology techniques, the cause of the infection can be established quickly (even at a very early stage) and appropriate treatment can be applied.

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